W.o.m.e.n. in America


The mission of WIA is to enable women to fulfill their highest potential by positioning them early in their careers for success.

We do this by providing an exclusive 18-month curriculum - centered around mentoring, education and networking - that builds targeted leadership skills, shares best practices, creates a valuable support network to be leveraged over time and inspires mentees to “Pay It Forward”.

WIA Mentees will have developed the following at the conclusion of the 18-month program:

  • Their personal leadership model and the tools they need to navigate the workplace and reach positions of higher influence
  • Their personal brand and respective “ Elevator Pitch”
  • The ability to effectively network - including building a personal board of directors
  • The confidence to communicate and negotiate effectively and persuasively in difficult conversations.
  • The understanding of how to plan out their career paths and best move through transitions
  • Financial planning and know-how for each stage of their careers.

Overall and perhaps most importantly, WIA hopes to instill a paradigm shift so that women are expected to – and do – actively help other women through a conscious incorporation of “paying it forward” into their leadership style and daily actions.