W.o.m.e.n. in America


The W.O.M.E.N. in America (WIA) 2018 orientation was on first day of my new job as an in-house attorney. The WIA mentoring program couldn't have come at a better time in my career. Through the programming provided in the larger ment-mixes or smaller cluster group meetings, I have learned what it takes to elevate my career as a mid, but rising professional woman in the midst of transition. I have learned new strategies to help progress my career and developed the necessary soft skills required. One of my favorite events was the enriching and real-talk conversation we had with Indra Nooyo, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. Hearing about both work and life victories and challenges from such an esteemed woman from the C-Suite was inspiring.

In addition, WIA ensures that its mentees have access to life skills such as financial planning and wellness. But what makes WIA very special is people. The mentors genuinely care about me as a person and offer their time and resources to make me better. One of my favorite experiences was visiting a mentor in her new home while I was on vacation. The mentors have an open heart policy - that is their heart's are open to the mentees, alumnae and other mentors. The alumnae and fellow mentees are also available to provide their advice and share their experiences. In addition, Holly, the Executive Director of WIA, works tirelessly to organize additional programming or gatherings - all she does is see a need and interest and she is on top of it.

I've learned that WIA truly lives out the image of lifting as you climb. I look forward to continuing to lift my fellow sisters as I continue to climb.

My experience as a 2018/2019 mentee was invaluable.