W.o.m.e.n. in America


I joined WIA at a crucial point in my career where I had just left a job without another job lined up. It was one of the scariest and hardest yet best things I have ever done for my career. Having the support of WIA during those few months helped me through finding where I happily landed next. I had an offer on the table but deep down knew it wasn't right however I couldn't fathom the idea of turning down a job when I didn't have one.

Timing couldn't have been better in joining WIA. I reached out to a few of the mentors I knew and also had a deep dive session that day. From responding to my emails in minutes to gettting real live advice from incredibly successful women who have gone through decisions like this, all told me to follow my gut and be patient for the right opportunity to come around.  Having these successful women tell me it was ok to turn down the job, that I would land on my feet, gave me the confidence to turn it down and not just settle.   A week later I had another offer in my hand that I was excited about and knew it felt right.  A year and a half later I'm still at my job and am so grateful for the support and advice I've received since that first day to help me get where I am today.