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Alyssa Kent

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Director of Sustainable Design
Becker + Becker
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2010 Mentee

Alyssa Kent is the Director of Sustainable Design for Becker + Becker Associates, a boutique architecture and development firm in Fairfield, Connecticut. She is currently the project manager for 777 Main Street, a $90 million dollar historic renovation of a 26 story commercial building in Hartford, Connecticut. This mixed use residential conversion will add 288 apartments and 30,000+ square feet of commercial space to downtown Hartford. The project aims to add residents to the downtown while optimizing the retail space for the vast daytime population that currently exists.

Alyssa was formerly was the project manager for 360 State Street, a $180 million dollar mixed use development in New Haven, Connecticut. This mixed use residential tower achieved a LEED platinum rating and has revitalized the State Street area of downtown New Haven.  In her role as Director of Sustainable Design, Alyssa leads a team of architects, developers and consultants in overseeing LEED compliance, apartment design, and building envelope design.  She is also involved in project assistance procurement and development services for Becker + Becker.

Prior to her current role at Becker + Becker, Alyssa held various design roles on the architecture teams for One Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ, The Octagon in New York City, and The Wauregan Hotel in Norwich, CT.

Alyssa is a board member of Under One Roof, a nonprofit organization that specializes in intergenerational care and housing.  She is on the building services committee and serves as a green building and sustainable practices advisor.

Alyssa holds a Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a LEEP AP certification, and is working towards architecture licensure in Connecticut and New York.