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Audrey MacLean

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Professor, School of Engineering
Stanford University
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Audrey MacLean has a unique track record for entrepreneurial success as a founder, CEO, seed investor, and board member. She has been on the Midas Touch list by Forbes and listed by BusinessWeek as one of the 50 most influential business women in America. She was also featured by Forbes in a cover article on Angel Investing.

Professor MacLean has over three decades of combined experience in the computer and communications industries. She was a founder of Network Equipment Technologies which went public in 1987 and later co-founded and was CEO of Adaptive which merged with NET in 1993.

Building on her own entrepreneurial success, Professor MacLean has been instrumental in helping to launch and grow successful companies through her work as a mentor capitalist and as a professor of entrepreneurship. The companies she has seed funded which have gone public include: Pure Software, Pete's Brewing Company, AdForce, dsl.net, and Selectica. Successful acquisitions include: Avidia/PairGain, Firefly/Microsoft, InternetMiddleware/NetworkAppliance, Amplitude/CriticalPath, specialtyMD/Chemdex, Gigabeat/Napster, Achieva/Kaplan, Ironport/Cisco and Centrality/SiRF. Other start-up portfolio companies include: db4O, Finesse, Future Point, Limelife, Loopt, and Open Lane. MacLean is also an affiliate and advisor to a number of leading Venture Funds.

In her teaching capacity at Stanford, she is the lead professor for the Technology Venture Formation course in the Stanford Technology Venture Program in the School of Engineering. She is also a contributor to the annual STVP roundtable of university leaders from top technical institutions nationwide. Professor MacLean also serves as a board member of the Kauffman Fellows Program, The University of Hawaii Maui College, and Santa Clara University's Center for Applied Ethics."