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Courtney Langer

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Director, Stand Together Music
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Santa Monica
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2018 Mentee, Active Alumnae
My OOO (Out of Office) Hi! I'm Courtney... what started as a trip to Morocco, is slowly changing my life and the way I look at fashion and philanthropy. When I was in Morocco I learned that women's economic participation in Morocco was among the lowest in the world, and illiteracy was as high as 90%, and girls marry as early as 12years old. None of this made sense to me, especially in a country that is only 9miles from Europe. (P.s- I went to school in Europe) So, I asked myself why are some people born to work at the cost of their childhood? And what is the price of freedom? This is how Arebella was born. An authentically credible and unapologetically local accessories brand, made with love by artisan women from Morocco. It’s a starting point, the intersection where my passion and purpose meet, and I hope will grow to a place where these women will have micro-businesses that allow them to be self-sustainable, keep their girls in school, and change the trajectory of a third world challenge. I am passionate about change and believe that it’s not enough that we live our own purpose, but we help create a renewed sense of purpose for others. If you read this far, I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and the help to create change! My 9am-5pm P.s- Philanthropy is in my DNA, and as my 9-5pm I am the Global Marketing Director of Kabbalah Centre International. The Kabbalah Centre is a 501c3, and Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual wisdom which teaches the individual and the world as a whole how we can improve our lives. At the center, we believe at the core of the world’s great religions and spiritual traditions are truths that we call the wisdom of kabbalah. The goal at the Kabbalah Centre is to disseminate this wisdom as widely as possible to improve our individual lives, but also the collective and the world. To learn more visit: https://kabbalah.com