As an investor, advisor, former managing director at General Atlantic and the author of Meet 100 People, I am so grateful to be a part of WIA, which is a wonderful community of women who want the best for one another. WIA offers educational opportunities as well as networking events to promote conversation and support. The educational presentations on career-related topics set the stage for more intimate small group discussions which serve as safe spaces to ask questions, share stories, and impart hard-earned wisdom.


I originally joined based on a recommendation from a person I knew. I discovered I had connections to a handful of other members. Along the way, I met many impressive people, both mentors and mentees. I find I learn as much from younger women, who are the windows to the future, as I do from my peers who’ve built highly successful careers. It is so gratifying to see the growth and development of mentees over time and so exciting to remain in touch with many WIA alumnae!


My advice for next generation leaders is to build your network: the people you know and the relationships you have are essential to career success and personal growth. Your value is greatly increased by who you know and how easily and quickly you can access resources. Proactive relationship building opens doors and opportunities throughout your life. 



About Pat: She is an independent director of Stax Consulting, advisory board director of Lone Pine Capital, and advises the CEOs of the Cranemere Group, Strongbow Consulting and three early-stage growth companies. 


Prior to her current role, Pat spent 30 years with global growth investor, General Atlantic, in several capacities including as an investor in the software and services industry, the global head of marketing, the global head of external human capital and the global head of talent for the firm.


In 2017, Pat wrote Meet 100 People to encourage us all to proactively, and consistently meet people to learn and grow.


She began her career as a consultant with Bain & Company. Pat is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in computer science and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.